Sunday, January 3, 2010


heeeloo..dis is currently goin 2 b my last post i leavin for ns d in a few hours time flies :/.anyway i guess i wont b onlining or cantactin ppl in a while.n i wont b bringing my phone ther cx i wont b able to use much oso n i heard dat ther r theft everywher.well im sure im gonna miss alot of peeps,the food,the comfort of my house,infi,jj,my family n n BARROOM.LOL~..i will reli reli miss u guys wehh :( .make sure we hangout wen i cum bakk kayy?u guys mean alot to me no matter wether we juz knew each other or we argue alot,as long as we made or manage to made each other felt happi juz a moment or so or help us out wen we needed it, we're considered frens. frens r the most important ting to me in my life.i will nvr forget anyone of u :).oh yea..if thers anyting,make sure to drop me a msg ya.i will reply u asap wen i cum bakk...well i tink i hav to continue packing my stuff d n tidy up my room b4 i i guess its farewell from here til den larh..buhbye people..see u wen i cum bakk.thank you n gudnite :)

frensforever~♥ :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

i had dream again 2day...wats it trying to say?or izzit my mind is playing tricks on me?i dunno..anyway i nie got 6 more days b4 i reli dis last week seems so silent to me..nth to do sittin at home facing my pc for the whole day not going anywher..i feel dead.but due to dis..i've been bloggin everyday since..haha.prehaps its a gud ting too..anyway i tink im gonna stop here 1st at dis point..nth much to write bout..i'll b bakk again soon..

anata ga inakute sabishii desu...

Thank You :)

its almost one day dy...i had to admit i was rather sad.i cried n i missed u.i missed the time where u called me in the morning n wake me up n oso the times wher we went snooker n not forgetting the time u cooked spagetti for was reli sweet tho im not gud in expressing them out physically.but infact i reli do appreciate it alot,i reli do.well anyway im startin to accept it dy...tho we din last long but the memories was great..i nvr regreted being wif u.u gave me the best n happiest time in the remaining days of 2009.u made me reli happi.i'll nvr forget matter wat i'll cherish we'll still b frens kayy?gud frens..anyting u need n i'll still b ther for golf club member haha. Thank You CJL :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

sry n thx

juz wanna said dat my love for u was real..i reli do love u.infact it gotten stronger but i guess still we were too fresh n noe not much of each other cx we met onli recently..i din reli wanted to let go..but i respect ur decision n i too din wanted to lose a gud fren like u.i hav oso thought prehaps i might not b a gud bf cx im not smart or rich or anyting plus an idiot wif a bad temper.i might not b able to giv u happiness later in d future oso.prehaps nex time u will find a better one den me.anyway in dis short time being 2gether..i reli hav been very happi..u made me laugh n gave me a sweet n memorable matter wat i will appreciate n cherish it..for one last time i juz wanna say i love u..i reli do.sry n thx for being wif me n being ther for me wen i needed it....

what r u doing?

im still waiting..its ady been 2 days now.n my heart is aching.wen will u talk to me?the empty silence is reli eating me up..i cant stand it.i juz wish i can help but i dunno wats wrong.i see u online but i dun dare to disturb u.does it has sumting to do wif me or so?i reli dunno...all i noe i reli miss u cjl :(

Saturday, December 26, 2009

wher the heck is everyone? no1 seems to replying n stuff.its so BORING. ish

its sunday..n its so fucking boring.rotting at home wif nth to do noeing another day is passing by so quickly its reli irritating.i hav roughly one week leave b4 i leave for my nasional i hope i can enjoy it one last time b4 i go..

ps: i miss u... :(